Niko (anyshark) wrote,

still alive and complaining about german schools

i am still alive, yes it does sound a little ... let's call it.... : surprising?!! but oh well, i hasd so much damn school stuff to do, german schools are just not the same as american ones... but who cares, we will still be studying until we're totally done and german schools will remain somewhere at the lower ranks in teh PISA studies, so why do we have to do all that ??? doesn't matter... gotta go... krystle are you satisfied i've been writing now!!!! (;
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At first I was like "anyshark? who is that?!" haha! glad you're writing again. i just got back to chicago and will try to email you soon. nothing has been going on for me to write about. right now i have to unpack and wash clothes though. what's pisa studies?
hey, i am all happy now... that you wrote back... i almost thought i had forgotten my livejournal address, that would have been bad... hihhi, just me!
well, pisa studies is like a huge survey that includes many different countries and its researching about the knowledge of teh pupils in those countries and german pupils were worse than americans in classes like languages and text comprehension etc. so we suck!!!!
allright hope you got all your stuff unpacked (;