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well, what should i say i am in love, it got me after all until this weekend i was thinking to be unable to fall in love!!!!
and now this...
okay, i'll start from the beginning sabrina a friend of me lives in that town i have lived before and i wanted to visit her last weekend so she suggested that the brother of a friend of hers could give me a ride home for he is stationed at the army here and lives there, his name is torsten. so yeah, he gave me a ride and he was soooo damn nice and funny and even looks very cute, i mean he has these beautiful hazelnut brown eyes and i just can't stop thinking about him!!!!! that night we went to a danceclub to celebrate his sister's birthday and he was there too, so we didn't really talk but we just smiled at each other... and when we left his friend whispered in my ear that i should not let him wait too long for he thinks torsten has a crush on me. that night i was hardly able to get some sleep and teh next day i felt awful i had headaches like crazy and at night we went in a near by pub and torsten was there again but we didn't talk at all, we just ignored each other and that night i was soooooo sad, i even cried!!! so next day, sunday, we drove home again and we had so much fun again and in the end he asked if i wanted to do something at the weekend!! well of course i did!!!! and on tuesday i got some short messages from him where he told me that he liked me very much and so we talkes on teh phone and today we are seeing each other again. well and i am sooo happy i can't stop smiling or dreaming i wasn't able to concentrate at all i was just plain happy!!!!
so now i am hoping everything will go allright, i am kind of scared that we don't really like each other or that he juszt doesn't like me and that my heart will get broken , oh damn i am so confused. i just really hope we'll get together, he is so awesome!!!
he does the same as my father helicopter pilot, well he is working on becoming one.
wish me luck for tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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