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zurück in deutschland

i :" excuse me, is it allowed to take pictures?"
he :"you are very welcome to make photographs but you are not allowed to take the pictures."

that was in the louisiana in denmark, a museum of modern art (andy warhol's mao was in there)
i like the danish they are very calm, humorous and nice people.
so yes denmark was a success, we had a lot of fun (the standart sentence) but really it was cool, Kopenhagen is such a lovely city, and i think the danish are very hand-some people and nice and everybody looks like he is coming from a fashion show. they arte all so well-dressed - fascinating!!!!!
we played a lot of boardgames and visited many museums.

...and now teh real big, huge event in my life...
i went to a disco (night club) yesterday night and i had sooo much fun, they only played alternative songs, so that i actually danced (well, after my friends dragged me on the dancefloor) but seriously they played weezer, the vines, teh beatles, the strokes, placebo, jimmy eat world and so on and so on
wow, really i NEVER dance 'cause i look like a total idiot since i prefer moving against the rythm, i just cannot feel teh music, it's so damn embarassing but after i watched all teh others trying to dance i thought all germans trying to dance look like total idiot... but tzhat's allright, it'fun, something different, if all the people in teh world would be able to move to music in a perfect way there wouldn't be anyone to laugh about (;
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Maybe this is making up for all the dancing you didn't do at prom! Now that you're having all these exciting experiences you're going to start thinking about your time in Nebraska and thinking "wow, that was lame." I won't blame you though :)
krystle it's quite the opposite when i am thinking back to nebraska, i am getting kind of "home" sick...
okay prom WAS lame but that's allright, i really miss the tours to teh mall, gosh i wish you could get me from my house and we'd be driving to the mall, talking about guys and licking dairy queen'S icecream!!!!!!
omigod i haven't had dairy queen ice cream since you left! now I'M getting homesick!!
so what are you waiting for??? are there no dairy queens in chicago, can hardly imagine that and eat one for me too (;