Niko (anyshark) wrote,

i wil be gone for two weeks now

yes, you have heard right i will be gone on vacation with my oarents the following two weks in denmark.
this is double uncool for going on fall vacation with parents is really not to be considered "cool" and then to Denmark (last time i went there, of course also during fall break, it's not cold enough in northern germany we have to go to denmark in the very north, i got very sick, so i really don't have the best thoughts when i think about denmark) where it is sooo cold in fall, "well at least we're living close to the beach" "yeah, great mom, what the hell does it bring me to have teh beach close by when it's too fucking cold to evenm lie there with a thick wintercoat???? but now a real cool point my friend comes with me so together we'll going to make it fun!!! my dear brother was also alowed to have a friend come with him!!!
so yeah that's the reason why i won't write the following weeks, well, but then i 've never written real regularly so i guess it doesn't matter...

love niko
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