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boring stuff

screw this day... i am so undecided what to do.... actually i would have to workout a presentation of a paper i have written about john f. kennedy but i am so unmotivaded. so i am listening to very loud led zeppelin music... nobody at home!!!
eating easter candy and complaining about me getting fat, do i sound depressed?

i tried to do the whole fucking laundry and then i just realized that some idiot (i am thinking it was my brother) has put so much more laundry into the laundry room, so i gave up, fuck them all!

i am just chewing on my candy, that's real good, i am so bored...
at least i am going to the movies tonight with a friend, she is really cool, we'll watch "my big fat greek wedding" in the original language: ENGLISH, yeah, so going to teh movies makes sense again. well i am exegerating but those synchronised movies... i don't know about it!!

school starts tomorrow so work is waiting for us again, yeah...
it's all so stupid, almost no perspective!
sorry i am not very philosophically today.

i've read teh journals i have been writing during my year in nebraska and those are really funny, i wish i could write like that again, but today i am not motivated enough i am afraid! it sucks...
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