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no clue what i am gonna do

allright it's friday night and i got an invitation to a birthday party, an 18th birthday to be honest and hey with eighteeen you're an adult in Germany, you are allowed to drive the car, you're independent and free now! and thpose parties are so wild and now i am waiting for my dear boyfriend to give me a call if he is able to accompany me or if he's too tired from a 3 day exercise at work and rather wants to stay home, in that case i would, of course, stay with him since we've planned him staying over night at our house. i would love to go to that party just to see how that works and to get to know the people from my class a little better... but let's see. i would be soo crushed if my boyfriend just calls off the whole thing, i am now talking about the staying at my house part. i could understand that i am afraid he hasn't gotten any sleep or at least only little. but i would nevertheless be so mad at never. i am a girl so i am talking a little confusing ... oh in about 1 hour the party starts i haven't changed my clothes yet and he hasn't called yet, i HATE that, it's so damned spontaneous! well i like that but not when i am already invited and when i DO know what i want to do that night - complicated!

Led ZEppelin is more than cool, heartbreaker sounds a little like "After Dark" from Tito&Tarantula, well i know they muist have written it first for they .... oh just forget it it's so unimportant to talk about music when there is a war going on and thousands of innocent people get "saved" from a tyranny, well until they were killed of course, because of some accidental dropings of bombs on civilian houses...
hey that's great now and who inigiated the whole thing: yes: god, well a person who seems to believe or want to make a nation believe his country is acting in teh name of god, that's great...
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