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i cut my hair

i cut my hair, tried to work on my biology project, listened to punk and i am bored to death. tonight we will go to the movies and watch "catch me if you can" with everybody's little favorite casanova leonardo di caprio... well, titanic times are over and nobody really cares about him anymore, he lost on vitality and beauty. steven spielberg, tom hanks and him were at Germany's most popular show the other day and leo appeared in an awful looking sweater, one of those that look like they cost about
7.99$ at wal mart, if even that much... i was kind of disappointed but that's allright, i didn't like him anymore anyhow, so i just was shocked that someone, a big star, like him, would come to a country's most popular show without even caring about his outer appearence.
this weekend i have to work at a supermarket, i don't know teh english word for INVENTUR, we have to count the products. 6 euro per hour, so i hope we will have to work for a long time!!!
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