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so yes, teh day has come where i got my report card. my first one after i've been in the states for one year. well, allright it's not quite that bad, actually it's okay but i am still a little disappointed, i've been better before last year, iguess that's just because I've missed what they were doing over here when i wasn't here, so probably it'll get better next time (:

my boyfriend is not here anymore, i am dying every day, all i am thinking about is him and we'll see each other only in 3 weeks again, oh i HATE it!!! well, life is tough! at least i am sure that i have fallen in love with him now.- there are 3 steps of love in my opinion:
FIRST: to have a crush on someone
SECOND: to have fallen in love with someone
THIRD: to love someone
so now i've fallen in love and i have to be without him for 3 weeks, well, i've got tons of school stuff to do, so i guess that'll hold me occupied a little!!!

a lot of my friends have been on a school skying trip, i were supposed to go on that trip as well but how life goes i got sick and couldn't go! so all my teachers were talking about what they had heard about the snow in austria where all teh people were ... but now they are back and some of them even sent a postcard to me, i was sooo surprised and amazed, taht was really cute!!! and a good friend and i watched buffy episodes in english one whole afternoon and then another friend called and wanted to go to the cineme with me, i was soo happy, i felt like people actually like me. taht's something i ought to thank the americans for because in teh usa i learned to be more outgoing and then when i came back i just talked to like everyone - crazy. well of course only to the really nice looking people about whom i knew i would like. so that helped a lot by finding nice people to connect to... (god i am writting bull-shit, ain't i, and my english is getting soooo BAD! HELP! i fell like every sentence is wrong structured, DAMN IT!!!!) well, i just wnated to say that i am very happy right now!
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