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i have finally found some sparetime to write again (:
well, school is absolutely stressful but since i've become much more open i talk to so many people and i am just happy well okay except for the stupid school, oh i hate it my english teacher gave me a 2 for my english talking since i hardly ever do any mistakes but what i am saying about romeo and juliet is not enough i do not analyse enough and he thus gave me a 3 in my oral grade. oh i really don't like him, i spent one year in teh USA and all he can sayx is well you got a 3 ???? such an asshole... english is teh only subject i coulkd do better than others , the only subject i have an advantage in all teh other subjects i am miussing things they've talked about last year... and then i 've got such an awfully mean teacher that's just great.
and now i have to go downstairs to entertain some of my parent's friends.. don't ask..
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