Niko (anyshark) wrote,


believe it or not but i got a card per e-mail from my frankfurt guy (what a discription of him (:) well, his name is adil, i don't know if i mentioned it already..
i am so in the mood for loud music but i don't know what to hear i am not in the mood for punk stuff or soft rock etc. inbetween would be nice. yesterday i discivered a reamon album that i must have bought before i went to the united states, not that bad, i mean for a mainstream kind of thing.

i watched shrek today in english soooo funny, i love it! i had to fold socks too so i decided to combine bad and entertaining, wasn't that bad that way (;

i hope to be able to convince my father of goping to media markt with me today, i'd love to buy teh bare jr. album... they are soooo awesome, especially their lyrics...
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