Niko (anyshark) wrote,

a sunny day in my little town

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allright folks,
what a sunny day here in germany, i cannot believe that it's actually over 30°C - awesome.
well, on thursday school will start and i am all freaked out about it, hihi. i hate the thought about it, i do not want to have school yet, aaahhhh (my favorite expression at the time)
i hope school won't be too exhausting but i am sure i'll have some major gaps concerning biology, history, french etc. what joy must that be to get it all stuffed and to study without a break, well allright i admit it i am exegerating extremely i should not do that, i'll wait and see, better?
the guy from frankfurt didn't write yet but that's allright he made me feel very good about myself for a time (:
tonight comes an awesome movie on tv a french movie, my father hates french movies they are to boring for him, i, myself, like them they are sylistic (does that word exist???)
and sad and so beautiful.
i can't believe it, my father and i went to media markt, a huge store in which you can buy computers, videotapes, DVDs, albums, washing machines, fridgeraters etc. and he saw the new bare jr. album and doesn't tell me... gggrrrr! well, now i got to convince him to drive me down there (only ten minutes) so i can see and buy it!!!!!! wish me luck.

nothing new here so i guess i'll go
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