Niko (anyshark) wrote,

finally time to write again

so yeah here i am , back to write the "exciting" events of my life. i visited all my realtives, well almost all of them within a week and i had a lot of fun, of course they were all interested in what i did a whole year in nebraska etc. so i had to talk a lot until i had no spit left in my mouth, exhausting!!!!!!!!!
on my way back from darmstadt, where i had visited my grandparents, there was a very good looking man (20 years old?)and he was sitting on a benge and got up to make room for my grandparents but of cousre my grandma has to stand and by doing so she tries to proof that she is not that old yet, not so old to get a spot on a bank (insider with krystle: i mean benge but in german bank for money and sitting is both written bank, so it happened that i said let's sit down at that bank over there, well...)offered. well, that friendly man came to me at frankfurt train station where i had to switch trains and he wanted to get to know me and we exchanged our telephone numbers and e-mail adresses, well never ever did a guy walk up to me and wanted my adress, i feel so euphoric!!!! even though the whole thing won't work out for he lives in centreal and i in northern germany.
love niko
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