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i am at my boyfriend's house and since he has to do soe studying and i have done neough studying for calculus myself, i thought i should write something before ii fall asleep again.
the weather is sucky, it's all grey but it doesn't rain and i thinking about going for a walk... well, probably i will go anyways! wet t-shirt contest is waiting out there... uhm, ignore that...

this week i've been crazy enough to start atudying for a calculus test one and a half week in advance. i never did sth. like that for math even though i suck but this time we have like about 4 month material to study for. so i guess it has been a vice desicion-hopefully. i bet i am gettint this famous blackout right these two hours during the exam and then when that's over i'll know all teh fucking answers.. oh i am so pessimistic-the glass is always half way empty!!!

usually i don't like teh offspring anymore that much for i recognized especially americana sounds very , well, like one whole loong song but right now it's quite allright actually...

well this labtop seems to be a little broke it always uses to just break down, well and everybody knows the problems appearing at these situations for taht reason i'll just finish off before everything was for nothing...
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