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facharbeit or in english paper

allright then, a lot of stuff to do yet, i just got my facharbeits topic, it's john f. kennedy- an american myth!!! i am working with three books right now, i think two of which are very positive about kennedy and one which is VERY negative about him and robert kennedy, it's revealing kennedy's countless affairs with women as well as his connections to the chicago mob and the assassinations of three leaders of countries like the kongo, which were due to kennedy's orders. well very interesting the only sucky thing is that all three books are very controversial, they are all soo weird i think, i mean some are saying lee harvey oswald killed teh president others say NO, it was a conspiracy against the kennedies! well, neither th eone nor the other had been proven to be right, so it's difficult to base my paper on either one... well, whatever!!!

I' ve got a new album from green day, warning, oh how damn much i love the song : MISERY, it's sooo cool, it sounds a little like spanish caravan from the doors, i think!!!
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